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Electronic Publishing

The aim of our working group "Electronic Publishing" is the ongoing support and development of means of electronic publishing for scientific institutions in Germany. We are mostly focussing on Open Access. After first concentrating on repositories ("green way"), we are now more and more dedicating ourselves to the golden way to Open Access

Our current work is divided among three major sections:

  1. Standards, Recommendations, Positions
    This work is based on the DINI-certificate for document and publishing services in its version from 2010. It defines a widely accepted set of criteria regarding organizational, technical and legal issues in the context of scientific repositories and related publishing services. Furthermore, over the past years common notions for types of publications and documents, a recommendation for usage statistics and a positional paper addressing research data were formulated and published. Most recently, a comprehensive list of hostings related to publishing services was released.
  2. Workshops, Seminars, Lectures
    On a regular basis the working group organizes its own events and participates at events with its own contributions. As the latest examples, in December 2010 theDINI-/Helmholtz-Workshop dealing with "Repositories – praxis and vision" and the "Vernetzungstage" in Osnabrück in March 2011 took place. The working group also frequently provides sessions at the Bibliothekartag and Open Access events. Moreover, results are being presented in the form of lectures and posters at convention by our working group.
  3. Coordination and Connections of other Projects
    Our working group is coordinating a number of third-party financed projects that our member organizations are working on, i.e. OA-network, OA-statistics und OA-policies. Additionally, our working group holds an active exchange with other projects.

For a more detailed exposition of the topics our working group is currently working on, see the following sections.

Do you have any questions or wish to contribute to our working group? If so, then contact us vie email (epub(at)dini.de) or one of our speakers or subject coordinators.

Dr. Uwe Müller
organisation: Deutsche Nationalbibliothek
email: u.mueller(at)dnb.de
telephone: +49 (0)69 1525-1788

Frank Scholze
organisation: KIT-Bibliothek
email: frank.scholze(at)kit.edu
telephone: +49 (0)721 608-3100

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