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Scientific Publishing / Open Access

  1. DINI-Workgroup Electronic Publishing (web page of the DINI-AG E-Pub)
  2. Workshop "Wissenschaftliches Publizieren der Zukunft: Open Access?!" ("The future of scientifc publishing: open Access!?")
    detailed information (German)
  3. International Workshop on Institutional Repositories and Enhanced and Alternative Metrics of Publication Impact, 20 and 21 February 2006, Berlin, Humboldt University
    detailed information (German)
  4. Bibliothekartag 2006, Dresden 24.03.2006 topic Open Access
    detailed information (German)
  5. "Information und Ethik": 3. Leipziger Kongress für Information und Bibliothek, Monday, 19.03.2007 9:00 - 12:30 o'clock topic Open Access in hall 2 of the congress center
    detailed information (German)

DINI Certificate for Document and Publication Servers

List of Institutional Repositories in Germany

Document servers (List of all document servers)
http://www.dini.de/dini/wisspub/repositories/german/index.php (German)

DINI OAI Search for German Open Access Repositories

Search in German document servers
http://www.dini.de/oaisuche/oai.php (German)

DFG Project Open Access Policies

more information
http://www.dini.de/oap (German)