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Open Access Erasmus staff week 2018

The libraries of the University of Liège (ULiege Library) organize an “Open Access Erasmus Staff Week” to reflect on the new roles and opportunities that emerged from the Open Access & Open Science movement for academic libraries.

This edition will target librarians and staff members working in an academic library/institution concerned by the development and implementation of Open Access/Science tools and services and who would like to extend their competences in this area. Priority will be given to people with a beginner level or a basic experience in Open Access.

Program will include an introduction to Open Access, a presentation of the four Open Access platforms developed by the ULiège Library and of  the methodology used for their implementation. We will  also discuss about open data, author's rights and copyright issues and the role of library on the Open Access movement.

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  • Veranstaltungsort: University of Liège (Belgium) - ULiège Library
  • Beginn: 12.03.2018
  • Ende: 16.03.2018