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Networking the Community: OA-Projects

Several DINI- and DFG-projects are closely collaborating to enhance the visibility and distribution of German research results and -publications. Our collaboration covers exchange in strategic and technological issues as well as joint public relations with information material or at conferences.

Currently the following projects are collaborating on initiative of OA-Netzwerk (you may visit their respective website by clicking in the right navigation box):

  • OA-Network
  • OA-Statistics
  • DOARC - Distributed Open Access Reference Citation
  • OA-Plagiarism Search
  • OA-Subject Repositories
  • OA-Policies
  • CARPET - Community for Academic Reviewing, Publishing and Editorial Technology
  • PKP/ OJS.de

Beyond this circle other projects are invited to get connected with us.

We are also recommending to visit the German information platform covering nearly all issues regarding open access.