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Why OA-Statistics?

A high journal impact factor (JIF) is widely regarded as an indicator of the quality of a journal and of the papers published therein. However, this measure of citation frequency is not uncontroversial because by no means all scholarly journals are covered, and certain document types are excluded altogether. Moreover, the JIF is not calculated on the basis of individual papers, but is a journal-level metric.

Usage statistics are an alternative to the JIF. They reflect the level of interest in accessing the content of an individual article and thereby enable item-level, usage-based assessment. Moreover, recommendation services and relevance criteria can be developed on the basis of usage patterns.

Open-access documents are not subject to any access restrictions. Hence they form a very good basis for the collection of usage statistics and the establishment of a standardised, internationally comparable procedure.

OA-Statistics has adopted these arguments in order to

  • increase the acceptance of Open Access among authors and users of scholarly publications
  • by gathering internationally comparable usage statistics, and
  • by providing a lasting infrastructure for the collection and processing of usage data.

Participate in OA-Statistics and enable your repository's authors and users to benefit from usage-based assessment!