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Electronic Publishing

About the Working Group "Electronic Publishing"

The aim of the working group "Electronic Publishing" is the support and conceptual development of electronic publishing at academic institutions. The working group focuses on

  • infrastructures and services for electronic publishing in open access such as
    • repositories
    • platforms for digital open access journals
    • platforms for open access books
  • fixing and integrating these kind of scholarly publishing services according to the principles of open science and research
  • connecting of the publication services to process chains for research data infrastructures that is as seamless as possible

The activities of the working group are divided into the following areas:


The core instrument for standardisation is the DINI Certificate for Open Access Publication Services. The certificate was developed by the working group. It is updated on a regular basis and is now available in its seventh version, the version of 2022. The certificate contains a widely respected catalogue of criteria for organisational, technical and legal aspects of the operation of scientific publication services. This catalogue of criteria can be seen as the de facto standard; it is used when setting up new publication services and when updating existing ones.


The working group takes a stand on current issues of research politics. It develops position papers in cooperation with other DINI working groups.

Visibility and Outreach

The working group regularly organises events and contributes to (inter)national conferences by organizing sessions, holding workshops, and giving presentations.

Initiation, Support, Networking

The working group initiates and supports a number of third-party funded projects which are in the responsibility member institutions. Furthermore, the group exchanges information with projects and initiatives like the Coalition for Action “Copyright for Education and Research”, at international level with COAR, and OpenAIRE.

Do you have any questions or would you like to participate in the working group? Please send us an email (epub-sprecher@dini.de).

Daniel Beucke
Organisation: Niedersächsische Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen
E-Mail: beucke@sub.uni-goettingen.de

Isabella Meinecke
Organisation: Hamburg State and University Library
Email: isabella.meinecke@sub.uni-hamburg.de

Thomas Severiens
Organisation: Jade University of Applied Sciences
Email: thomas.severiens@jade-hs.de

Email: epub-sprecher@dini.de





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